Bringing it home – Integrate Mobile Marketing into the mix

Why Mobile Marketing should be used

Mobile technology has become a very personal medium for consumers.  Emerging mobile technology allows consumers to have on demand information and apps that assist them throughout the day.  From the moment they wake (literally with the phone alarm) to the time they go to bed an avenue to communicate with individuals is possible.  This is a dream come true for marketers but is often being under-utilized as a part of the marketing efforts. 

An Aberdean Group study shows that the integration of mobile initiatives into a marketing mix provides improvement in sales. “Companies that integrate mobile within the multi-channel mix in a holistic and well-orchestrated way achieve 49% (9.8% vs. 6.6%) greater year-over-year improvement in the number of sales transactions, as compared to those that don’t”.

The use of mobile apps and mobile compatible web pages is quickly becoming an extension of customer service, shopping, and other forms of brand interaction.  Integrating a mobile avenue for consumers to quickly and conveniently access brand information can add to positive brand perception.


What type of mobile medium is right for your brand?

Apps, apps, and more apps! The idea to throw your brand into the app store mix may be tempting but in the long run may not help meet your marketing goals. A Mashable article and infographic gives great insight into user preferences, “Studies have shown Internet users prefer mobile browsers for shopping, searching and entertainment. But they prefer mobile apps for managing data, navigation and connecting with others”.  

Clearly defining brand and marketing objectives can help direct which type of medium is right for your brand.  Mashable’s infographic helps guide marketers in the right direction through visual comparisons of cost, usability, usage, and engagement.  Two important app aspects to note is that apps require consumers to download the content and message customization is limited, only 10% capability compared to the 90% mobile pages provide.

Mobile Marketing - Site or App?

Mashable Infographic – App or stand alone mobile site?

Measuring is key for defining success

Aberdean mobile study show that brands that have tracked, measured, and reported mobile marketing campaigns show performance gains year to year in areas of customer service, marketing’s contribution to revenue gains, and click-through rates.  The most drastic being marketing’s contribution to revenue at 8% yearly gain compared to 2.5% of other brands that are not measuring mobile marketing initiatives.

Mobile analytics not only provide statistics on brand performance but also provides marketers insight into consumer usage.  Feedback on the types of devices that are accessing a page or downloading an apps help marketers customize messaging or adjust tactics. There is a constant ebb and flow of information that helps brands connect with consumers anytime and anywhere.

Question to my followers

It was noted in the Aberdeen study that brands that had upper management support for mobile efforts are more successful than marketing departments lacking support. Has anyone used measurement methods to solidify mobile efforts and gain management support?


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